A Movie Date With Fmovies App

Movie date is one of the common things couple usually do when they go out. After that, perhaps a fancy dinner or a small stargazing session at the planetarium. But, since movie theaters today has been so public and sometimes, even loud enough that you won’t be able to hear even the sounds from the movie and it wouldn’t look so romantic anymore.

Instead, if you want to level up the atmosphere of showing your partner how special they are, do your own theater while playing a movie from fmovies and for sure, your partner would thank you for it.

Customizing Your Theater

  • Make The Love Seat – if you want to cuddle with your partner while watching the movie, perhaps a big space enough for both of you should be fine. Either be a couch or a bed, or even a pile of pillows can be a good sit.
  • Add some decorations – a romantic night wouldn’t be complete without any rose petals and scented candles. As much as possible, add some decorations that can add up to the atmosphere. Just be sure that the decorations wouldn’t block your view on the screen. Let your imagination run wild and make customizations here and there.
  • Snacks To Eat – perhaps a dinner before watching a movie is advisable since it wouldn’t be a good suggestion to eat a steak while watching. Maybe finger foods while watching is a better choice. A few chips or peanuts, maybe. But, if you want to be healthy, you can have sliced fruits or salad.
  • Movie To Watch – now you need to find a movie that will set the mood. Perhaps your favorite movie, or a movie of a love story. Maybe even horror for a little cuddling here and there. Just as long as you know which one to watch, then you are set to go.